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UWI On-Campus

The UWI has graduate accommodation available for short-stay rentals. The rooms, in recently built residences, have their own bathrooms and mini-fridge, while communal areas have a stove, fridge and other amenities. Please check out the link below for more information. If you choose to explore this option, use the contact link on the website.

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Yes, Airbnb is in Jamaica! The link below will take you to accommodation in the Mona area since that is the closest to the conference, but of course, you can decide where you want to stay in the city.


Christar Villas

Christar Villas is a newly renovated hotel in the Liguanea area, about 7km from the UWI Mona campus.


Spanish Court Hotel

Spanish Court Hotel is a small luxury hotel in New Kingston, about 6km from the UWI Mona campus.

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